At Chatwoot, we are building an open-source customer engagement suite. Our goal is to help companies to provide exceptional customer service experience.

We open-sourced Chatwoot in 2019, which was followed by a successful HackerNews Launch. Today, Chatwoot is one of the most popular Ruby on Rails projects on GitHub, with over ~18k stars and more than ~40k self-hosted installations. We have the support of Goat Capital, Uncorrelated Ventures, YCombinator, and some of the world's leading founders and investors.

How we work

We are a fully remote team. Our team members have been working remotely for the last couple of years. You can work on your own schedule and place of your choice.

The stack

Open positions

Senior Frontend Engineer

Previous openings

Application process

We strive to reply to every application we receive. Our process is very simple and completely transparent.